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About Us

We offer safe and relaxing sailing holidays in the Mediterranean.

Our Vision

You sit in the warm darkness watching the friendly and welcoming life on the quay.
You slide into the water from the aft of the yacht while the sun rises.
You look deep into the eye of the dolphin playing with the waves in the stern.
For this – do you have to own a boat? Be an experienced sailor?
We don’t think so. That is why Sail4Fun offers you our knowledge and experience.
Sail4Fun organizes sailing holidays, primarily in the Mediterranean for those who would like to see something different. A week onboard will transform a group into a crew. We’ve experienced it so many times – the happy and relaxed feeling on board!
Please join us on a cruise and find out yourself!

About us

Oy Sail4Fun Ab is a Finnish enterprise founded in 2017. Since then we have organized cruises, primarily in Greece, for everyone who loves the combination of sun and sail.

Sail4Fun offers you skippers as well as bareboats. Our skippers have the knowledge and experience that is needed for the waters – and they are familiar with the sailing conditions as well as with the sights and local tavernas.

Sail4Fun is registered under the requirements of the Finnish authorities (1545/15/Mj) to guarantee appropriate refunds for their customers.


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